KeplerSwap Whitelist

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Note: Code audit → beta test → global public test → global launch. This is the schedule of KeplerSwap. The beta test is expected to complete in July 2021.

About KeplerSwap Whitelist

In the blockchain industry, a Whitelist is a list containing addresses of individuals, computer programs or cryptocurrency addresses that are licensed and trusted.

Similar to the Whitelist at KeplerSwap, the users are able to participate in KeplerSwap beta test. The limit of KeplerSwap Whitelist is 200, each country is limited to 3–5 Whitelist users. Those who are eligible to enter the Whitelist are KeplerSwap believers and ecological contributors. This indicates that the Whitelist is a priority for participation in KeplerSwap token transactions.

Since the KeplerSwap ecosystem is by referral only, all future KeplerSwap ecosystem relationships will come from this Whitelist. KeplerSwap will also display some of the Whitelist users’ invitation codes in the DApp on a country-by-country basis, so members who enter the Whitelist have the potential to earn significant additional revenue as a result. By inviting more people to participate in KeplerSwap via the referral code, the referrer will be able to receive ongoing rewards for the revenue generated by the referee. The more people participate, the more ongoing revenue they will receive.

Steps to be listed on the KeplerSwap Whitelist:

1. Apply to become a Global Ambassador.

2. Build a KeplerSwap fan based community in your country.

3. Record KeplerSwap-related videos and upload them to Youtube or prove to KeplerSwap team that you are an influential KOL.

4. Proactively inform the KeplerSwap team of your continued efforts.