KeplerSwap FAQ

1- What’s the use of KeplerSwap Whitelist ?

Entering the whitelist means you will grant the right to join KeplerSwap IDO, and you can participate in the KeplerSwap global closed beta. Since the KeplerSwap ecosystem is based on invitation system, all future ecological relationships of KeplerSwap will come from these whitelists, so members who enter the whitelist may gain additional benefits.

2- What does KeplerSwap do ?2-KeplerSwap

KeplerSwap is an explorer of DeFi 2.0. It is the first to establish a decentralized exchange protocol based on the BSC public chain and gradually realize multi-chain and cross-chain aggregation.

3- What KeplerSwap focus on ?

KeplerSwap is DeFi 2.0 DEX,   it’s focuses on providing solutions to DeFi 1.0 by unprecedented innovations such as horizontal system, vertical system, Lucky Pool, and Space, which solves many issues in the existing DeFi1.0 system .

4- What’s the difference between KeplerSwap and other similar DeFi products ?

KeplerSwap is here to improve the existing DeFi 1.0 system and introduce a new  system under DeFi 2.0, by connecting all users and breaking the social barriers. If we look closely at the existing projects under DeFi 1.0 there is no link between users, however through KeplerSwap users can connect, and expand their connection thank to mutual links provided by KeplerSwap platform, Moreover the financial model introduced by KeplerSwap is full of vitality and incentives, as KeplerSwap project is community driven project, all the transaction fees of the platform will almost be rewarded back to the community, and users will increase their income by their active participation on the platform.

5- Which network is KeplerSwap built on ?

Built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

When can we use KeplerSwap products? Will there be a beta version ?

Around mid-July 2021, KeplerSwap will start a global internal test, followed by a global public test, followed by a global launch.

6- Has the contract been audited ?

There will be an audit before the product goes live.

7- What is the total supply of SDS tokens ?

SDS is the original governance token of KeplerSwap platform, and the total amount is 210 million SDS where 80% will be mined, 10% will be used for community incentives and 10% will be used for private placement.


8- Where can I buy SDS token ?

SDS is not listed yet.

9- As a SDS holder, what benefits will I get in KeplerSwap Eco-system?

The benefits of holding KeplerSwap SDS tokens :

A) Obtain incentives of the platform transaction fees.

B)Use SDS for liquidity mining, and participate in Lucky Pool and SPACE.

C)The right to enjoy certain privileges and interests for future use of the platform,

D )The right to vote to participate in the development and key governance of the platform .

10- Is there any plans to list on CEX ?Any public sale now ?

SDS will be launched first in KeplerSwap DEX, and we also plan to get listed in top CEX.

There may be a public sale later, please keep an eye on our latest announcements


11- What is Lucky pool ?

Lucky Pool was created to motivate users to provide liquidity and in return reward them with different incentives for their contribution.

12- What is SPACE function ?

KeplerSwap is a community driven project, it’s mission is to connect all the users and create a mutual link between them, to achieve this we have created the SPACE function where users of KeplerSwap community can connect, through this function users can also join force their resources and support each others to achieve a true decentralized governance.


13.What is the difference between Lucky pool and Liquidity pool ?

The liquidity pool is formed by the participation of all users of KeplerSwap, and the lucky pool represents  the platform transaction fee. If you provide liquidity or refer a friend,  and your friend provide liquidity you will grant the right to participate in the lucky pool lottery.