KEPLER was born for Metaverse. The Immigration Plan is the first step toward Metaverse for KEPLER.
Kepler planet is foreseen to be the next most habitable planet in the universe. Digital currency is projected to be the highest liquidity medium of exchange. Decentralized Finance will be the most effective framework for digital finance. KeplerSwap is the most efficient platform for DeFi.
KeplerSwap is building a brand-new platform to break the traditional way of trading. It is creating a new trading procedure, concept, and ecology. The decentralized financial eco-system of KeplerSwap, is a huge, unprecedented eco-system. It builds a new DeFi eco-system along with fairness and reliability.
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KeplerSwap Ecosystem

  • Exchange

  • Trading Fee

  • Referral Program


  • SPACE Function

  • Liquidity Pool

  • Cross Chain

  • Flash Loan Lending

  • Open Technology & Innovation

  • Open Finance & Innovation



    A decentralized exchange contract based on BSC public chain, anyone can easily exchange digital asset on the platform.


    Transaction Fee

    KeplerSwap returns a large proportion of trading fee to the users.
    Almost all trading fees of KeplerSwap are owned by users, and will be given by KeplerSwap as a reward for their contribution to the platform.


    Referral Program

    Trading with KeplerSwap is referral program-based and all invitations will be tied for life once the relationship is confirmed
    A unique referral program that will allow users to earn while referring their friends to KeplerSwap platform



    Incentivize users to participate in liquidity market making actively by rewarding them with high random rewards.
    Encourage users to actively provide liquidity and use high random rewards as a return to encourage users to contribute more liquidity to Kepler Platform .


    SPACE Function

    SPACE is the carrier to enhance connections among users, expand users benefit, and realize community autonomy in the ecology in KeplerSwap ecosystem. Through Space users can join force their resources to achieve a true decentralized governance.


    Liquidity Pool

    Perfectly supporting the on-chain implementation of the DeFi protocol, having more people contribute to the mining pool liquidity will help the whole ecology Ecosystem development.


    Cross Chain

    Interface protocols will be defined for independent public chains such as ETH, Heco, EOS, etc., which can easily realize the exchange of digital asset on different public chains.



    In the decentralized financial
    Defi 2.0 KeplerSwap network, all this is given a more convenient. smarter and epoch-making change.


    Open Technology & Innovation

    As the explorer of DeFi 2.0, KeplerSwap aims to make the platform the most open and innovative decentralized ecosystem.


    Open Finance & Innovation

    KeplerSwap aims to establish a completely open financial innovation platform. Where all the platform members have the right to propose financial innovations. After the vote is passed, all members can jointly complete the proposed financial innovation

SDS (Seeds Token) Token Description

The core medium that supports the value construction of KeplerSwap is called SDS (Seeds token) and is the seed of creation for the DeFi 2.0 ecosystem. 80% of the SDS will be mined, 10% will be used for airdrops and market partnerships, and 10% will be used for project private placement.

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