KEPLER was born for metaverse, immigration plan is the first step into the metaverse for Kepler. Kepler fans will be able to see the NFT collection on the migrant planet soon, which will be of extraordinary significance.


Kepler-22b was built into the most perfect home for humanity than Earth through the Kepler mission, where each country has a super leader who has led mankind to perform miracles and continues to do so...
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The environment of earth continues to deteriorate, human survival crisis, Kepler migration plan officially launched, as the first 100 immigrants pioneer, they are called Kepler pioneers, they carry the mission of migration Kepler and new human civilization creation.....
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All those who landed on Kepler-22b will live a happy life ever after, and permanent residency will be granted to those who are determined to preserve Kepler's new civilization. As conditions on Earth get worse, more and more people migrate to Kepler...
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How to get Kepler NFT?

Creating a SPACE in KeplerSwap is the best way to participate in the ecology of the KEPLER metaverse.

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