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Job description:

Content Creator/Copy Writer

KeplerSwap Foundation is looking for an experienced Content Creator who can produce content to educate and inspire our existing and new audiences. Your material will shape how the world sees KeplerSwap..

Responsibilities include:

Ø To be able to write blog posts, educational articles, presentations, video scripts, infographics, website content, courses and white papers to be posted on the company’s blogs and website.

Ø Write high-quality, SEO-friendly content based on DeFi 2.20 issues to create new blogs.

Ø Create and maintain an active editorial calendar of appropriate content.

Ø Produce creative content strategies for implementation.

Ø Develop a measurement framework to be used for future marketing campaigns.

Ø Understand the dynamics of the industry guide and enhance the user readership.


· 2–3 years of experience in producing and editing written content. Strong writing, planning, and editing skills.

· Creative ability to develop unique ideas and able to produce unique ideas and cognition.

· Strong sense of responsibility, self-directed, and value strong teamwork.

· Expertise in one or more of the following fields: trading, finance, cryptocurrency, DeFi, and/or online privacy.

· Bachelor’s degree or above in either of the following: Education, Journalism, Psychology, Media & Marketing.

Working location is remote.

Please email your resume to: