SDS token


SDS is the native token issued by KeplerSwap. SDS is also key to achieving decentralization and autonomy in KeplerSwap.


KeplerSwap has planned to issue a total token supply of 210,000,000 SDS. 80% SDS are generated from mining; 10% SDS are reserved for marketing and business cooperation; and 10% SDS are reserved for private placement. No SDS will be reserved for KeplerSwap.


SDS is the Governance Token of KeplerSwap.

The following uses are all based on SDS token:  

 Transaction Fee Allocation,

•  Yield Farming,

•  LUCKY POOL reward,

•  Ecological Medium token,

•  Exchanges between Tokens,

•  Smart Aggregation,

•  SPACE Creation & Voting,

•  Airdrop,

•  Interests Conversion,

•  Token Pledged for Coin Listing

•  and other uses.