In order to maintain a sustainable environment for KeplerSwap, new users are required to obtain a referral relationship with existing users. While all referral relationships are permanently linked, revenues created by the invitee are associated with the inviter.


Based on the relationship, the invitee has to conduct the first trade of assets exchange through the inviter in order to create a horizontal ecosystem. The inviter is then able to gain associated revenue as below:


※ Direct referral trading bonus will be distributed in tokens.


※ When invitee’s liquidity market making volume stands in a Top Ranking position, the inviter will be granted entry to the Jumbo Lucky Pool.


 Inviter can gain a portion of liquidity market making revenue from his invitees.


The horizontal relationship of the Kepler ecology broadens the development of the KeplerSwap ecology, reshaping the way ecological members trade with each other and their networks, making transactions more convenient, ultimately prompting more people to participate in trading KeplerSwap assets and receive the corresponding rewards, which will greatly affect the existing distributed financial system.