The Last Stage of Whitelist Recruitment From KeplerSwap.

Oct.14th, 2021 KeplerSwap

About KeplerSwap Whitelist:

In the past, KeplerSwap had posted a stage of Whitelist recruitment activity, and selected two batches of Whitelist users from the previous round of recruitment activity. Around 70 Whitelist users in total were included. Now, this is another opportunity for an access to the Whitelist!

According to the short-term Roadmap presented on the KeplerSwap official website, we know that the SDS Pre-sale is scheduled on Oct. 15th, followed by the global beta test on Oct. 20th and the formal launch of KeplerSwap on Oct. 27th! Based on this Roadmap, you can strive to be included in the Whitelist.

In the blockchain industry, a Whitelist is a list containing addresses of individuals, computer programs or cryptocurrency addresses that are licensed and trusted. Similarly, with the Whitelist at KeplerSwap, the users are able to participate in KeplerSwap beta test. The Whitelist of KeplerSwap is capped at 200, and each country is capped at 3–5 Whitelist users. Those who are eligible to enter the Whitelist are KeplerSwap believers and ecological contributors. In other words, they own relatively stronger investment capability, or robust capability of organizing communities.

Fortunately, Winners of KeplerSwap’s global employees (3 to 5 employees each group) will become members of the Whitelist. This indicates that the Whitelist is a priority for participation in KeplerSwap token transactions.

Since the KeplerSwap ecosystem is by referral only, all future KeplerSwap ecosystem relationships will come from this Whitelist. KeplerSwap will also display some of the Whitelist users’ invitation codes in the DApp on a country-by-country basis, so members who enter the Whitelist have the potential to earn significant additional revenue as a result. By inviting more people to participate in KeplerSwap via the referral code, the referrer will be able to receive ongoing rewards for the revenue generated by the referee. The more people participate; the more ongoing revenue they will receive.

Steps to be listed on the KeplerSwap Whitelist:

1. Ability of organizing communities, or tell us your contribution to KeplerSwap;

2. Active application and tell KeplerSwap your contribution.

3. Click the link and fill in your information,

Why KeplerSwap Whitelist ?

1-Limited to 200 people

2-The right to join KeplerSwap Beta Test

3-Referral codes to gain financial benefits

If your names are not included in the picture below ↓↓↓, then you can apply for the access to the Whitelist. (Please don’t repeat your application if you are included in the list below)

Attention: The Whitelist members presented in the link above need attend the examination by KeplerSwap.

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