KeplerSwap’s Global AMA Is Underway

September. 23rd, 2021 KeplerSwap Team

KeplerSwap is making intense efforts to complete various works. Currently, we are dealing with many capital institutions and projects, but we are also considering whether to accept excessive external cooperation. That is not our key work at present. Next, you will witness KeplerSwap’s SDS public sale. Actually, we have been preparing it for a period of time. We are waiting for the best moment. Meanwhile, KeplerSwap’s global launch online will be under the spotlight soon as well.

Another important thing is the promotion of KeplerSwap. We have so far held more than 30 or so global AMA activities, which elevate the popularity of the project. And it also injects more vitality into us. We pay great attention to continuously conducting global AMA activities. Please keep an eye on them. The recent AMA arrangements by KeplerSwap are as follows: