How To Profit With KeplerSwap

September. 23rd, 2021 KeplerSwap Team

KeplerSwap plans to initiate the public sale on Sept. 26th, followed by its official global launch. It is a moment worth waiting for. Let us share with you some of the ways you can profit through KeplerSwap.

A. Direct Referral

Direct referral means that the only connection between you and the party you recommend who participates in KeplerSwap is effective in your lifetime. For example, if Party A refers Party B to participate in KeplerSwap, the former can gain revenue from every deal that B makes on KeplerSwap. Furthermore, 95% of any transaction fees that take place in KeplerSwap are returned to all platform users.

B. Direct Referral to Liquidity Yield Farming

Direct Referral to Liquidity Yield Farming means both parties share a lifetime bonding with each other. For example, if Party A refers Party B to participate in KeplerSwap’s Liquidity Yield Farming, Party A can gain 10% of the revenue from every transaction that B makes on KeplerSwap.


In KeplerSwap, a proportional sum of every KeplerSwap’s transaction is accumulated to LUCKY POOL Lottery and is run every 7 days of accrual, which adopts the calculation of Hash Function Random Number, and therefore it is hard to cheat. 11 lucky users are selected randomly from the Lottery, one of whom takes away 50%, and the balance 50% of the draw are equally shared by the remaining 10 users, i.e., if the Pool holds $200,000, then one user will take $100,000 from it and the rest 10 users will take away $10,000 each respectively. However, who is entitled to join the weekly LUCKY POOL draw? There are two conditions and you should meet one of the requirements below:

1. Ranked among the top 30% of the Liquidity Yield Farming sum;

2. Ranked among the top 30% of the total amount that you recommend others to participate in the liquidity Yield Farming

These are the highest contribution to the ecosystem,

D. Space

In KeplerSwap, every member can only choose one of two identities. One is the SPACE Owner, which can create a SPACE through the SDS pledge. Global SPACE is shown on the DApp of KeplerSwap. The other is by joining other’s SPACE to become a member. Two earnings are provided for SPACE Owner:

1. Space Owner can gain 1% of Liquidity Yield Farming of all members. The reward is available in your lifetime. Then the increasing numbers of SPACE members and the volume of Liquidity Yield Farming bring more earnings of the SPACE Owner.

2. Every trade has a proportional sum that is accumulated to SPACE POOL. Community voting is conducted after 30 days of accumulation. The top 20 SPACEs can equally share the POOL undergoing 30 days of accumulation.

The earning of the SPACE Owner hinges on the number of members and whether they vote, so SPACE Owner shall serve the community well, contribute more to the community and its members. Community members deserve more welfare and assistance since they own the rights of choice and voting.

E. Profit Brought by SDS Premium

With innovation and robust technology, KeplerSwap has an amazing number of communities and fans around the world. It has a tremendous economic model that inspires everyone. SDS has many application scenarios. We have every reason to believe that SDS, as the seed token of KeplerSwap, will have a huge potential of premium, and we firmly believe that the price of SDS will exceed 1000 USDT in the near future.

In conclusion, as the pioneer of DeFi 2.0, KeplerSwap is not only a simple swap platform, but also creates a brand new DeFi world. Here comes a chance for us ordinary people to grab the wealth! Encryption users: don’t miss KeplerSwap as you did when you met UniSwap and SushiSwap, please.

The earlier you participate, the higher the gain will be!