September. 15th, 2021 KeplerSwap Team

Welcome to the KeplerSwap global community!
KeplerSwap aims to build the next generation of the financial ecosystem (DeFi 2.0).

KeplerSwap is happy to announce that the project will launch in the third week of September. Before launching, KeplerSwap will start a global pre-sale. In order to continue to expand the KeplerSwap global community, the pre-sale will only be open to KOLs with more than 10k community members or 10k social media followers. As the pre-sale price is extremely low, there will be a limit to the pre-sale quota. If you do not meet KeplerSwap’s requirements, the pre-sale quota will be refunded after verification.

Specific pre-sale rules are as follows:

1-Pre-sale application conditions

-To apply for an SDS pre-sale quota, you must meet one of the following conditions:

A. Your community members are over 10,000

B. KOLs with 10,000 or more Social Media followers

2-Pre-sale amount:

- Total SDS pre-sale amount: no more than 4 million SDS

-Application amount per person/community: minimum 5,000 SDS ( 1,000 USDT), maximum 100,000 SDS (20,000 USDT)

3-Pre-sale SDS release rules:

20% will be vested within 48 hours. After launching, SDS will be released at a ratio percentage of 15%, 15%, 15%, 15%, 20% monthly. The total release cycle is 5 months.

4–Pre-sale price:


5-Pre-sale Receipt Address:


6-Pre-sale operation steps:

  • A. Confirm your purchase intention and prepare the corresponding amount of USDT

  • B. Send USDT to Pre-sale Receipt Address of KeplerSwap

  • C. After you finish paying the coins, please fill out the Google form

Link :

SDS token : SDS is the governance token issued by KeplerSwap and is also the key to achieving decentralization and autonomy in KeplerSwap. KeplerSwap has planned to issue a total token supply of 210,000,000 SDS.

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