KeplerSwap Weekly Report June 6th — June 13th

June 17th, 2021 Finley Lees

June 6th — June 13th

Highlights for this week are

a. KeplerSwap Whitepaper has been upgraded to V2.2.

b. KeplerSwap’s new official website has been upgraded.

c. KeplerSwap token information has been updated on BscScan.

d. Global Ambassador recruitment campaign continues.

Technical Progress:

1. DApp Functionality Optimized to V5.1. We have optimized the functions of KeplerSwap DApp this week, with additional innovations in:

a. LUCKY POOL random number selection.

b. SDS economic model.

c. Transaction fee allocation mechanism.

2. The KeplerSwap DApp UI design has been updated with a brand new UI interface designed for Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

3. A new page for the invitation board has been added and we also improved the sharing logic of the invitation page.

4. The third unit test of SWAP contract is nearly completed, related works will be finished within a week.

5. Front-end development for BSC chain has been completed at 80%.

Market progress:

1. Official media platform expansion.

KeplerSwap has additional social media platforms, including Discord as well as Reddit. We will extend more information to these two platforms, and users can also participate in official communication through these two platforms.

2. The information of SDS token of KeplerSwap has been updated on BscScan, and users can add the smart contract address of SDS to your wallet.

3. New upgrade of the official website.

The official website has been upgraded. We have completed 70% of the work so far. The new official website of KeplerSwap will be available to everyone soon .

4. Whitepaper.

We have finished updating Whitepaper V2.2. The new Whitepaper has been adjusted in many places such as economic model, SPACE, LUCKY POOL, transaction fee allocation and the road-map.

Community Progress:

1. Currently, information on KeplerSwap Global Ambassador applications have been received from 22 countries around the world.

2. Global Ambassadors of KeplerSwap from 4 countries (Indonesia, Egypt, China, Turkey) have forwarded their achievements for the ecology and KeplerSwap have added them to the Whitelist.

3. At the moment, we have a total of 52,000 Twitter followers, 63,000 Telegram group followers, and also 21,000 YouTube followers. We expect to have more followers moving forward.